Toaster Sweater Class - Intro to Sewing Knit Fabric, February 13, 6: 00 pm - 9:30 pm

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Toaster Sweater Class - Thursday, February 13th, 6-9:30pm


Haven't sewn with knits before? Sew House Seven's Toaster Sweater is a perfect place to start. If you have a serger at home, we can show you how to sew it together with a serger, and if not, we can show you how to sew knits on your home sewing machine.

The Toaster Sweater #1 is a high neck top designed to keep you toasty warm and stylish in the cooler months. It is very simple to sew and perfect for sewists of all levels who want to try their hand at sewing knits. This sweater was designed to be constructed using knit fabric with at least 20% stretch around the width of the body.

This is a closer fitting, semi-cropped sweatshirt/sweater. It works best when sewn in thick, stiff knits with some body to keep the neck standing upright. It features raglan sleeves, a wide waistband, a loose turtleneck, long cuffs and falls between the high and low hip. It’s great in a standard sweatshirt fleece (with stretch) however, it’s also extremely handsome in a sweater knit to dress it up a bit.

Pattern is included. For this class you will need to purchase fabric and thread.