Corduroy, 21 wale - Stone- sold by the 1/4 meter

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Description: This light-midweight woven needle cordroy is so soft and cozy with such a small cord that is looks a lot like velvet.  The colour is a  deep saturated colour.  

Sold by the 1/4  meter. Select 1 for 1/4 meter, 2 for 1/2 meter,  3 for 3/4, ect. All fabric is cut as a continuous piece. 

Width: 55/56”, 140/142 CM

Weight: 270 GSM, 7.9 OZ/SQ.YD

Opacity: opaque 

Drape: crisp with a soft drape

Suitable for: tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, skirts, dress, home decor.

Pattern recommendations: Grainline Studio Archer Button up, Friday Pattern Co. the Ilford Jacket, Helen's Closet York Pinafore, Closet Core Jenny overalls and trousers, True bias Lander pants,  Closet Core Patterns Fiona Sundress, Sew House Seven Burnside Bibs, Sew Liberated Estuary skirt.

Note: We recommend that you pre-wash/pre-treat your fabric in the manner you intend to wash your finnished garment.

Please note that though we try very hard to get the correct colours photographed there may be some variances due to differences in monitors.  We cannot garantee the colour will match exactly to what you see on your monitor.